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Midas Touch with experimental farming

A young farmer producing huge profits with diverse crops and latest agricultural methods:

People who are engaged with politics, can not focus on other fields. They have to concentrate on politics only. But there is a young gun from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh state, basically Agriculture graduate, associated with politics, attracting everybody with his diverse agriculture crops. He is none other than Ruddireddy Radhakrishna, Loksatta party in-charge of Allagadda constitution.


Source : Eenadu Telugu news paper dated Wednesday, 8th December 2010.


Radhakrishna born in Kandukooru. Although he come from agriculture family and graduated in Agriculture, he was not convinced with the system and never tried for any jobs. He has chosen his 30 acre agriculture land as his employment and farming different crops in that land. When all other farmers from this region are farming regular crops like Paddy, Cotton, Radhakrishna chose Kalingara (Melon), Rose, Yello lentil (Toor dal) [1] of type PRG 158. As he is graduated in Agriculture, he has become inspiration to fellow farmers by showing succesful experiments in crops. Mainly in Kalingara (Melon) crop, he invested only Rs.6,000. Melons weighing round about 20Kgs, crop is worth Rs. 12,000 and it takes only 65 days for each crop term. "There will be profit of almost one lakh rupees for one acre land", says Radhakrishna, "I am farming Rose for the first time. Yello lentil of type PRG 158 can sustain in the lands where there is scarcity of water" [2]. When many politicians are enjoying royal life, he is getting huge profits by having a strong belief on his agriculture land and his education in Agriculture.


I believe in land:

"Although i am an Agriculture graduate, i never had faith in this field to do a job. That is whay i chose my favourite field of work, Agriculture farming. I want to change the agriculute methods in this area by experimenting different crops. I was attracted towards Loksatta head Jayaprakash Narayana's wishes and taking part actively in Loksatta."  - Ruddireddy Radhakrishna