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Every Village with InterNet Computer


This project is truly inspired from Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) project which was introduced by our former President Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.


EViNetCo stands for Every Village with InterNet Computer(ref. as Node). As name says idea behind this project is to bring internet facilities to rural areas. Now-a-days internet is the biggest tool or medium to reach anybody anywhere in the world and it is the easiest, most effective way of information sharing medium of all. In addition internet is getting faster and cheaper everyday.


The task is to have network of Nodes of every village. The Nodes can be formed by following methods:


  • * Collecting existing nodes: Who ever already have computers/laptops in the villages.

  • * New Nodes: Giving away computers/laptops (any useful hardware) to the eligible Credits.


Through which following are minimum benefits can be achieved and more benefits can be designed with the accumulated infrastructure.


  • * Young graduates/interested villagers will be benefited with Computer knowledge.

  • * To connect world with Villages where agriculture dominates.

  • * Indians around the world while using Social networking sites can try to address problems faced in remote areas.

  • * Thirst and opportunities for information can be created.


* Skills in our career and fields of interest can be improved.


If you are the person or if you have information of any person who is eligible to increase this network please furnish details here


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